Time and Attendance Ampere Sign

The Australian made and supported time and attendance system is easy to manage for your office space. Using biometric system alongside time capturing clocking solution, all staff can now securely clock their start & end of their shift.

The system has straightforward interface and the timesheet module gives the manager visibility, situation handling power and the support they require to amend the problems and approve the time of paid work of the staff. They can hence predefine the rounding rules and grace periods which then automatically are inputted on the timesheets.

  • Managers can choose to handle the exceptions to the rules when required and not all the time. They can handle the attendance data in case of some exceptional situation but the system can handle the rest.
  • In case the manager wants to keep an account of the absent times of an employee along with the predefined types of leaves, the Time and Attendance Ampere Sign can help you do it.
  • One can set the rules round the clock during the working hours and for the break times either in forward or backward setting.
  • The system can automatically apply breaks so that staffs do not have to do it each time they are on one.

Time and Attendance Ampere Sign Approval system

The device has a multi-tiered approval process and all levels of management can view it and see who is accountable. But only the highest level of management can see the timesheets so that the integrity of the data is ensured. Other levels of management except the highest cannot unlock it without the approval of their superiors. The system, though easy, is efficient and has proved to be beneficial for all businesses and offices.

Customisable and Simple Rostering

Time and Attendance Ampere Sign provides its users with positional based scheduling system. They can utilise the template-based rostering with customisable shift sets. Since it has an intuitive interface, the rostering module is powerful and unique. It gives its users the power to customise the easy-to-use schedule though the automating timesheet module.

With its help, it becomes easy to calculate the overtime payments. The device has an excellent interface that can help you split labour across the department and automate allowance of the payments as and when required.

Reporting through Time and Attendance Ampere Sign

The product has several inbuilt reports, employee time and attendance data that one can access and distribute with a few clicks. People can gain complete flexibility with the drag and drop feature to build a report and get thorough analysis across different fields.

Time and Attendance Ampere Sign is a smarter approach for a variety of reasons including time recording, biometric attendance system, that lets employees go ID free. The owners can get new visibility with the live, real-time attendance feed along with the monitor clock and record no-shows as they occur. Furthermore, they can get live data on their mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop, wherever beneficial! Contact us for more information now.

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