Biometric attendance and access control

Eliminate buddy punching and lost cards


Everyone is born with a unique set of fingerprints, and no two are the same. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. Fingerprint recognition is a safe and effective identification solution because every fingerprint is unique, and they don’t change with age or weight fluctuations.
PeoplKey V30 Plus
PeopleKey Secure device


Fingerprint data is stored in the PeopleKey scanners and database as encrypted numeric values only. No fingerprint images are stored and the templates cannot be reverse engineered to form a fingerprint image. This protects the fingerprint data and prevents it from ever being compromised.
Fast fingerprint verification
PeopleKey finger scanners can perform fingerprint verification in under 1.5 seconds. That’s because our fingerprint scanners capture and match a fingerprint as a mathematical representation. No image of the fingerprint is stored.
convenient biometric technology - no keys, cards or passwords
Because our biometric technology relies on fingerprints, there are no keys or cards to be lost, no passwords to forget, and no time cards to fill out. PeopleKey solutions are easy to use and very cost-effective.

Benefits at a glance


Fast and reliable


Fingerprints can’t be stolen or forged


Eliminate buddy punching and time fraud


A cost-effective and secure solution


Scanners can be used indoors or outdoors


Mobile configurations for ultimate portability

At PeopleKey we are passionate about biometrics. We believe biometrics is the best way to authenticate personal credentials. Our finger scanning technology leads the market in reliability, speed, privacy, ease of use, and value.

- FRANK BRUCE (Founder and Managing Director)

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