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PeopleKey deliver the tools you need to manage attendance and access control with minimal human intervention.

Your business is unique, and we understand that your needs are too...

Regardless of the industry sector you operate in, PeopleKey has a time and attendance or biometric access control solution to meet your needs. Our systems are in use across a broad section of industries, and we’re confident you’ll find our solutions reliable, scalable and customisable to your needs.


Managing workers on a construction site can be difficult and error-prone without the right systems in place. PeopleKey makes it easy to track attendance by providing hardwearing, portable clocking solutions using mobile GSM networks and can be effortlessly moved between job sites.

What started as a targeted solution for our Sydney operation, was so successful, that we’ve now rolled it out right across our Australian operation. Both the PeopleKey technology and the PeopleKey support team have been simply brilliant … A great success by all measures...

- Ed Pryor (National Business Systems Co-ordinator -Adbri Concrete & Aggregate)



Managing costs is vital for most manufacturers. PeopleKey provides reliable solutions to track hours worked and manage overtime. The powerful award interpreter calculates wage rates accurately, eliminating errors and overpayments and can be integrated with your payroll system.
No matter whether you’re starting a new manufacturing business or looking to improve your existing systems and processes, PeopleKey can help.

Since installing PeopleKey, we have much more efficient payroll and workforce management processes. From day one the team at PeopleKey has been there to consult, support and assist us… We don’t often have problems with the PeopleKey system, but when we do, their help desk is very responsive and we find the support to be exceptional...

Warehouse & Logistics

Security is paramount for warehouse and logistics companies, which require robust and reliable access control systems that can integrate with existing security solutions. The PeopleKey access control solutions integrate with most security systems and can control access by day and time for every employee.
Ensuring that employees account for their time is important in the warehouse and logistics industry because every minute counts. PeopleKey tracks start and finish times as well as breaks. The system will allow managers to identify when staff don’t arrive, allowing them to make alternative arrangements.

The introduction of PeopleKey Nexus and PeopleKey’s biometric scanners has facilitated a more streamlined payroll process saving us both time and money. Managers and Supervisors across the country have immediate access to the attendance data of their staff, and through PeopleKey Nexus, can verify, change and approve those transactions from any internet-connected device… PeopleKey’s support through our implementation has been dynamic and yet thoughtful as our team acclimated to the new ‘normal’. They are an amazing team of developers and consultants who are truly in sync with their product and work tirelessly to see the customer's operational needs satisfied! Always there when we need them…

- Diane Wilkins (Manager People, Culture & Safety - Titan Australia)

warehouse and logisitics
Care Services

Care Services

Having the right people in the right places with the right skills is critical in care services. PeopleKey provides a scalable and flexible solution to manage time and attendance. By being integrated with many of the leading care systems, PeopleKey leads the industry in reliable, affordable and robust clocking solutions.

Gathering timely and accurate attendance data across our 25+ locations at Flintwood Disability Services had always been a significant challenge for our business. But with PeopleKey’s support and technology, that’s now a thing of the past. PeopleKey has been there with us every step of the journey… Great technology, great support, great people…

- Racheal Neal (General Manager - People, Finance & Systems - Flintwood Disability Services)


Managing a workforce in hospitality can be challenging. With fluctuating demand and large numbers of casuals with varying award rules, managing staff can be time-consuming and error-prone. PeopleKey automates time and attendance monitoring and eases the administrative burden.

The technical support process is efficient and very impressive. When we contact the PeopleKey help desk, we speak to the same support people each time. They know our site and how it’s configured. The service is very personable...

- Cushla Hands (Business Development Manager - Club Catalina)



Tracking student attendance can be time consuming and unproductive, but it’s a vital aspect of classroom management that can’t be overlooked. The PeopleKey Student Attendance Tracking solution streamlines the process by removing the need for error-prone, paper-based attendance sheets and allowing teachers more valuable time to focus on their students. Advanced reporting delivers attendance information in real-time.

At the heart of the PeopleKey Student Attendance Tracking solution are biometric face and finger scanners that can be installed in classrooms and key locations. The system simply scans each student’s finger to confirm their identity, at the beginning of every day or every class. Every student’s finger or face scan is unique, which makes it impossible for them to scan on behalf of another pupil. The system can be integrated with a school management system so that parents can be automatically sent a text message or an email notifying them of their child’s absence.