Access Control.

Biometric access control represents the very best in building security.

PeopleKey Devices - software and finger scanner hardware

Biometric access control represents the very best in building security.

Biometric access control provides the ultimate in key-less security by ensuring that access to particular areas can be restricted to specific times of the day, days of the week, individual employees or groups of employees.
With PeopleKey Nexus the system also provides complete audit trails that ensure that it’s easy to track when entry and exit occurred at every access point.

Accurate authentication for building security

Eliminate PINs and lost access cards with biometric access control.

Keyless security

Biometric access control eliminates the need for keys, access cards or PINs. All that you need is your finger, which can’t be lost or left at home.

Remote access

With PeopleKey Nexus and the correct authority, you can remotely open and close a door. Great for that weekend or late-night delivery.

Track entry

At any time, you can collect and report on a complete audit log of access by time, date or user.

External systems integration

To maximise security, integrate your biometric access solution with a 3rd party security system.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Eliminate lost or forgotten access cards and PINs
  • Fingerprints and faces are unique and can’t be copied
  • Encryption protects privacy
  • Unrivalled authentication for superior security
  • Enhanced visibility of who’s in and who’s out
  • Seamless integration with security systems
  • Intelligent and convenient security for your facilities
  • Comprehensive auditing functions