We've been making biometric time and attendance easy for 20+ years.

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Our Story

Based in Sydney, Australia, PeopleKey has been a manufacturer of biometric devices used for time & attendance data recording and access control solutions for more than 20 years now. Established in 1999, and supplying to both Australian and International customers, we pride ourselves on offering premium biometric solutions and support at a competitive price. Designed and manufactured in Australia, our biometrics scanner range has been integrated with software offered by various industry partners, as well as our own software and SaaS solutions.

Frank Bruce - PeopleKey

At PeopleKey we are passionate about biometrics. We believe biometrics is the best way to authenticate personal credentials. Our biometrics scanning technology leads the market in reliability, speed, privacy, ease of use, and value.

- FRANK BRUCE (Founder and Managing Director)