Clocks, so many choices!

Capture accurate attendance information by letting your staff clock in and out as they start and finish a shift.

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Contactless Clocking

PeopleKey scanners can deliver contactless clocking by adding an internal proximity card reader to your device. Supporting the industry standards 125khz, iClass and Mifare, staff clock by simply tapping their registered proximity card on the front of the scanner.

Web Clocking

While PeopleKey deliver a range of intuitive and hard-working biometric scanners, we recognise that not all staff have access to a scanner all of the time.

Through its PeopleKey Nexus platform, PeopleKey offer registered users the ability to clock using their smartphone, tablet or PC via a browser based web clock.

With a clear and ease-to-use interface, the web clock allows for the capture of shift start time, end time and breaks, and if permitted, will pass along GPS location details as well.

PeopleKey devices - clocking

Biometric Devices

PeopleKey deliver a range of intuitive and hard-working fingerprint scanners that are designed to suit a variety of applications. They deliver effortless operation and provide optimal efficiency and security for physical access control, time and attendance records, and point of sale access.

V30 Plus

The very modern and stylish V30 Plus delivers a broad range of features and is suitable for outdoor use. The device leads the market in biometric technology, it’s ultra fast processing times and ease of use make it ideal for both time and attendance and access control.

The V30 Plus is available with interchangeable coloured covers, allowing it to effortlessly align with any decor or colour palette.

The tough polycarbonate shell protects the device from the elements, and the high contrast LCD panel ensures the screen can be viewed outdoors.

PeoplKey V30 Plus

With the optional Construction Case, the V30 Plus can be used at even the toughest job site to track attendance and project hours.

An optional mounting stand makes the V30 Plus the ultimate mobile clocking solution.

V30 TouchLock

The award-winning V30 fingerprint scanner is an extremely cost-effective and versatile scanner. Designed for access control, It can operate stand alone or integrated into a larger network.

The V30 has been designed in Australia to work across a variety of industries. It’s manufactured from superior materials and boasts a hard-wearing, weatherproof case with interchangeable covers.

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