What’s the current state of play of biometrics across the globe?

1st February, 2023News

Biometrics refers to the use of physical and behavioural characteristics to identify an individual. This technology has come a long way over the years, and it is now being used in various industries and countries for scanning, security, and access control purposes.

Facial recognition

One of the current trends in biometrics is the use of facial recognition technology.

This technology is becoming more sophisticated, with the ability to identify an individual even with changes in their appearance, such as aging or growing/shaving facial hair.

Another trend is the use of biometric authentication for mobile devices, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and improved security over traditional passwords and PINs.

Another development in biometrics is the use of multi-factor authentication, where an individual’s identity is confirmed through a combination of biometric and non-biometric factors, such as a password and fingerprint scan. This provides an extra layer of security, making it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to access sensitive information.

Adoption within industry

There are several industries that have embraced the use of biometrics for security and access control purposes. These include finance, healthcare, and government agencies.

The finance industry is using biometrics to secure online transactions and prevent fraud, while healthcare organisations are using biometrics to identify patients and protect their personal health information.

Government agencies are using biometrics to verify the identity of citizens and secure sensitive information.

Across the globe

Countries such as India, China, and the United States are among the leaders in adopting biometric scanning as part of their daily lives.

In India, for example, the government has implemented biometric identification for citizens through its Aadhaar program, which has made it easier for citizens to access government services and benefits.

China is using facial recognition technology to improve public safety and security, while the United States is using biometrics to enhance border security and prevent illegal immigration.

Closer to home

In Australia, biometrics is being widely used in various industries and sectors. The Federal Government has been investing in biometric technology to improve security and streamline processes in areas such as border control, identity verification, and law enforcement.

In the private sector, biometrics is being used in the banking and finance industry for secure transactions and to prevent fraud.

Additionally, many businesses and organisations are using biometric authentication for access control to physical and digital spaces for improved security.

Furthermore, biometric data is also being used in the healthcare industry to identify patients and secure their personal health information accurately.

The future

Biometrics is increasingly important in the world of security and access control. With the continued advancements in technology, biometrics is expected to become even more sophisticated, providing improved security and ease of use.

With more industries and countries embracing the use of biometrics, it is clear that this technology will play an even greater role in our lives in the coming years.


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