What You Should Consider When Switching To A Modern Fingerprint Attendance System

16th October, 2020News

Care Services


Nowadaysbusinesses, both large and small, are using cloud-based biometric time and attendance systems. And Fingerprint Attendance Systems, like those from PeopleKey, are leading the way. Modern organisations use this new and hassle-free method to help enhance payroll efficiency and deliver better employee management processes.

Here is a list of features you should consider before purchasing your Fingerprint Attendance System.

  • Suitability– The Fingerprint Attendance System should be designed to check attendance in a variety of places like retail shops, factories, offices, warehouses, and care facilities.
  • High precision Sensor– The fingerprint time and attendance machine should have a quality sensor with high precision to ensure a hassle-free clocking process.
  • Supported– The Fingerprint Attendance System you purchase, must be well supported. Inexpensive Fingerprint scanners are often imported from overseas and have weak or no ongoing support locally. Hence, it is prudent to do some in-depth research before you make a purchase.
  • Easy to use– A fingerprint time and attendance system should be easy to use and have built-in redundancy. The system should allow for both online and offline capture of clockings.
  • Time Clock– A Fingerprint time and attendance machine should have a time clock technology. It should ideally scan and verify the fingerprint within seconds and record the time of entry using the time clock feature.
  • Easy Backup– You should select a Fingerprint attendance system that can back up its data automatically to the cloud. It should ideally be able to store about 50,000+ transactions.

Fingerprint Attendance Systems are the modern method of keeping track of your employee’s attendance. You can also track your employee’s time of arrival to check their on-premise status for health and safety purposes.

Apart from fingerprint attendance systems, other verification modes are available such as the face, card, password, fingerprint, etc. When using the fingerprint attendance system, ensure clean, oil-free hands and always provide hand sanitiser for careful hygiene.