Cloud Employee Time Clock Solution

Avail of the modern Biometric Time attendance solution for your office. The product is perfect for Australian conditions and is a made-in-Australia product. Buddy punching and lost cards will no longer be a problem at your office facility if you are ready to embrace the change. Since everyone has their unique setoff fingerprints, the technology utilises its recognition for a safe and effective identification solution. Furthermore, there is no scope of fluctuations or errors.

The device can scan and verify a fingerprint within 1.5 seconds. That is because the fingerprint scanner captures and matches it to its mathematical representation and no image is left in the storage. It not only increases efficiency but also provides a cost-effective and safe solution.

Features of Employee cloud time clock

  • Real-time Attendance: The product can capture the accurate attendance information. It records the exact time a staff begins and finishes a shift. Since it has the leading biometric scanners and contactless scanning, you can rest in ease so can your employees. Furthermore, one can track the input data by connecting it to their smartphones. Managers and owners can track it with their phones and all updates are available in the cloud. One can access it securely with their access code.
  • Multi-site capability: Managers can now control multiple office locations from one straightforward platform. Managing more than one office site is now easier than ever with this feature. Every office you are in charge of will be more secure and efficient due to the product. Besides, it has a mobile configuration feature for the ultimate profit.
  • Private and Controlled: The employees don’t have to fret about bringing their ID cards to the office and punch it. They neither need IDs or any pins they need to remember. All this device needs is their encrypted biometric credentials. Hence, everyone can remain stress-free.

Step Overpaying for Labour Costs with Employee Time Clock Solution

With the Employee time clock solution, managers can track the exact coming and goings of their employees. Since there is no chance of buddy punching, as with ID cards, it becomes hassle-free to calculate the accurate labour costs. Hence, you can eliminate costly errors and make an informed decision regarding the payroll processing.

The cloud-based time solution with biometrics is the best way to confirm personal credentials. The product is leading the market in terms of reliability, accuracy, privacy and ease of use.

World-class Support

Employee cloud time clock has the best customer support team ready for you five days a week. Housed in the Sydney Headquarters, our professional team of dedicated staff are knowledgeable and know everything about the product. The handpicked staff at the facility will resolve of all your queries and doubts.

If you are facing any problem regarding the system or wish to enhance its efficiency, you can contact them and they will direct you in the right way. They know the site and its configuration so that you can make a seamless transition to the future. Call us to know more about Employee Time Clock Solution now.

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