Bundy & Wages Time Clock Solution

We are passionate about biometrics and everything unique. The fingerprint recognition attendance and time clock solution has a fantastic fingerprint recognition scanner that is able to recognise every individual fingerprint and records the exact time.

The fingerprint data is safely stored in the scanners. Hence, it does not require storing any image of the fingerprints and your data will be safe. Furthermore, the templates are engineered in such a way that they cannot be reverted back to the image of the fingerprint. Not only is sensitive data protected and cannot be compromised but this technique makes recognition and recording faster and more efficient.

Wages Time Clock Solution is Convenient

No matter how large the number of people may be in an office, this unique time clock solution can handle it well. Since the Bundy Time Clock Solution relies on fingerprints, employees cannot give the excuse of losing their ID cards or forget any passwords.

If there is any glitch in the ID card punching machine, people have to manually check them before letting the employees enter. Not only does this waste time but the employers end up paying more for the working hours. But with the biometric time clock solution, employers can save money since they have to pay only for the time their employees actually worked for. The system can also record the break times apart from the staff’s comings and goings.

Hence, Wages Time Clock Solution is cost-effective and easy to use on a daily basis. On the other hand, others cannot forge the fingerprints of their co-workers so you don’t have to worry about buddy punching. You can even control the attendance data through your mobile phone, laptop, tablets, and computer. There can be nothing more convenient than the Wages Time Clock Solution.

Features at a Glance

  • Reliable fingerprinting and biometric solution
  • Fast and efficient
  • Mobile configurations for the ultimate portability
  • The scanners can be of service indoors and outdoors
  • No possibility of buddy punching and time fraud


Bundy Time clock Solution delivers the best attendance and time clock solution with minimal human intervention. Regardless of the industry you work in, every modern office requires a hassle-free time clock solution. Broad sections of industries have shown faith in our product and continue to use it without any complaints. If you have any queries related to the product, we are here to help. Once you are confident, you can find the solution that we can customise for your unique needs.

People from various industries such as construction, IT, etc. have used our product have witnessed how easy Bundy Time clock Solution makes it to track attendance. In case there are multisite operations, the product can take care of it too. People can move between job sites easily with portable clocking solutions.

Our team has been successful in pleasing our clients and want to expand our horizons. Wages Time Clock Solution will be a brilliant incorporation for your business.

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