Bundy Time clock Solution

Efficient ways to optimize your personnel strategy with Bundy time clock solution. Save time by automating processes related to tracking employee time, managing leave, and overtime. Make more intelligent business decisions and stay easily compliant by gaining valuable insights.

Timekeeping Systems: What Are They?

The management and recording of employee time is the function of a timekeeping system. Employees must manually enter their arrival and departure times for thorough oversight using these systems, which are often digital input devices or punch card systems.

Why Do Companies Track Time?

Companies mostly use time tracking to verify that workers are getting paid for the real hours they work. Time tracking results in a more pleasant workplace, as it increases productivity and self-discipline.

Why Is It Crucial to Keep Track of Time?

Not only does time tracking make employees more accountable, but it also gives management a better look at how their firm runs daily, which they can use to make adjustments to make it more efficient.

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For time and attendance, why choose PeopleKey?

Use PeopleKey's time and attendance solutions to unleash your employees' full potential.

Efficiently Manage Attendance and Time

Automating mundane processes like time tracking, leave management, and vacation requests can significantly increase productivity. Eliminate redundancies and boost productivity with ease.

Gain Greater Visibility

View relevant information quickly, including proactive suggestions tailored to your company, to help you make educated decisions that advance your business.

Ensure adherence

Automating the computation of hours worked, overtime, and leave can reduce the likelihood of noncompliance. Get alerts before mistakes happen so you can make changes quickly.

Make tracking attendance and time easier

View staff attendance in real-time

With Live View, you can see your employees' whereabouts in real-time. You can also stay up-to-date on missed clock-in tasks and fix them instantly with Bundy time clock solution, no matter where you are.

Timesheet automation

Put your trust in our automation to handle the tedious tasks. After an employee clocks out, Clock Me In automatically generates a timesheet for a given shift. Managers can review timesheets prior to a pay run.

Clear computations for timesheets

Have you ever wondered how shifts are determined on timesheets? Quickly ascertain which pay condition rules were activated for each shift and see how shift costs compare to the pay run.

Check timesheets against rosters

Eliminate the tedious step of verifying employee attendance and time sheets by hand before running payroll. Before accepting employee timesheets, compare rostered shifts with actual time worked and find any anomalies.

A Mastery of Employee Time Tracking

Advanced Bundy time clock solution from PeopleKey unlocks precision in workforce management. Modern businesses may automate and simplify their time-tracking procedures with the help of our state-of-the-art technology. Learn how our Time and Attendance solutions revolutionize business time management and boost productivity in every aspect.

Overtime and Leave Management Made Easy

When you use PeopleKey's Time and Attendance solutions, managing leaves of absence and monitoring overtime is a breeze. With our all-inclusive tools, managing staff hours and leave becomes a breeze, allowing for better resource allocation. Discover the characteristics that set our solutions apart and make them essential for businesses that value accuracy and compliance.

Learn how PeopleKey's Bundy time clock solution may revolutionize your workforce management by centralizing the recording of employees' time, attendance, leaves, and overtime into a single, straightforward platform that is both compliant and easy to use.

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