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What do our clients say?

Everyone at PeopleKey take enormous pride in our ability to deliver a robust product and exceptional service to our growing customer base. All support is provided by an Australian based help desk and technical support team that have intimate knowledge of our products. Read the testimonials below to see how our customers find our solutions and support.

Club Catalina was founded in 1920, and in 1956 established as the Catalina Country Club. We are located in Batemans Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales and have in excess of 8,000 social members and 800 golf members.

Facilities at the club include a 27-hole championship golf course, restaurant, golf shop and coffee shop.

Club Catalina employees approximately 70 staff in a mix of permanent, casual and part-time roles. We have been using PeopleKey to manage staff attendance within our venue for over seven years, it integrates seamlessly with our Clubline payroll system.

We initially used PeopleKey in a few key departmental areas, but it has been so successful and efficient that we have rolled it out across our entire organisation.

PeopleKey tracks the start, finish and break times of all 70 employees across the site. That’s everyone from the general manager to the administration, bar and restaurant staff as well as people working on the golf course and in the pro shop. Attendance information for the entire site is available in real time, which has dramatically increased workforce visibility.

Batemans Bay is a popular tourist destination; during summer our visitor numbers increase significantly. This means that our labour requirements also increase – our casuals work longer hours and we employ additional staff. PeopleKey means that we are able to effortlessly deal with the increased employee numbers and do not need additional payroll staff.

PeopleKey is an excellent tool for verifying staff attendance and ensuring that the payment of wages are accurate in this regard. If an employee’s shift times are extended, PeopleKey tracks the change in hours worked vs rostered time and notifies payroll.

Maintaining accurate records in the different areas of our business is vital and PeopleKey manages this effortlessly for us. If an employee is off sick or forgets to clock in, the system identifies the anomaly, prompting an investigation. I am pleased to say that PeopleKey has been an effective employee management tool for our Club. It’s nice to work with an Australian company that is small enough to care, yet large enough to deliver a world-class system to us here in Batemans Bay.

The technical support process is efficient and very impressive. When we contact the PeopleKey help desk, we speak to the same support people each time. They know our site and how it’s configured. The service is very personable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending PeopleKey to anyone looking for an efficient, cost-effective and reliable employee management system.

Cushla Hands
Business Development Manager
Club Catalina

Before implementing PeopleKey, we were using an older time and attendance system that didn’t provide integration to our payroll system. This meant that our employees’ timesheets needed to be entered manually into payroll every week, which took about four hours.

Before investing in a new time and attendance system, we spent six months reviewing the marketplace and understanding our needs. During this period, we realised that we needed a system that was easy to use, could integrate with our Sage WageEasy payroll system and would be quick to install.

During the review stage, the PeopleKey team were very helpful and patient with us, ensuring that all our questions were answered. We decided to go with PeopleKey because the system is robust, it met our needs and, of course, it represented great value for money.

Once we had made the decision to proceed, we wanted to move quickly and have the system implemented before the new financial year. Again, the PeopleKey team were very accommodating and the system was installed, tested and ready to go within a month. The PeopleKey team worked closely with us to ensure that the integration with our payroll system was working exactly as we needed it; nothing was too much trouble. The implementation team were impressive and a pleasure to work with. They fully understand the process and guided us at every step so that there were no surprises.

Since implementing PeopleKey, we have experienced impressive time savings at Northern Cemeteries. At least four hours per week is saved from not having to re-key timesheets. Getting timesheets approved is now more streamlined; previously we had to chase managers across four sites for approvals but now it’s all online.

Employee details are stored in a central location and our employees can move between sites with no problems to the system: it simply tracks each employee’s location and start and finish time.

All our time and attendance information is now stored online, which gives us much better access to the data we need to make informed decisions. The integration with our payroll system means that our payroll reports are more comprehensive.
The PeopleKey system is very reliable and easy to use. We rarely need to call the support desk, but when we do they are very responsive and are always eager to help.

Installing PeopleKey has been a wise decision for Northern Cemetries. I would have no hesitation in recommending PeopleKey to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective and agile time and attendance system.

Finance Manager
Northern Cemeteries

Before implementing PeopleKey Nexus we had only unsophisticated and unreliable means of tracking the time our cleaners arrived at a client’s premises or the amount of time they spent at each site. PeopleKey Nexus is a cloud-based solution that lets us track the movements of every person in our cleaning crews – anywhere and anytime during a work

The cleaners use their smart phones to log in and out when they arrive and leave each job site. As well as recording start and finish times, PeopleKey Nexus uses geotracking to record each cleaner’s physical location. This is extremely accurate because it identifies the cleaner’s physical location by obtaining GPS data from their smart phone.

Implementing PeopleKey Nexus was fast and easy. The PeopleKey Nexus user interface is really intuitive, which ensured our staff learnt the system quickly and found the tool simple and easy to adopt. Training each cleaning crew took only 15 minutes or so, and we had no product acceptance issues at all.

PeopleKey’s product support is really impressive. The support team is always accessible and eager to help on the rare occasions that we have a question. The team members know the product really well and are very responsive to our needs. PeopleKey Nexus delivers four main benefits to Elect Cleaning: enhanced visibility, cost savings, accountability, and the
ability to be pro-active with employee and client management.

At any time during the night I can check the whereabouts of our cleaning crews and monitor the total time they are taking at each job. If I see they have left a job ahead of schedule, I can contact them to find out why. If they have encountered a problem on site, I can send an email to the customer before the start of the next working day to notify them of the problem and our solution. This means we are much more pro-active with our client relationships.

We are now able to track hours worked and monitor actual vs estimated cleaning time. This means we only pay for hours worked and this has delivered cost savings for us.

PeopleKey Nexus provides an accurate record of start and finish times. If a client questions when (or if) our crew attended their premises, I can immediately show them the attendance records in PeopleKey Nexus from my smart phone. This feature has helped us build trust and accountability with our clients and has allowed me to confidently talk to clients
about the time our crew spends at their site.

Since implementing PeopleKey Nexus we have become more pro-active in addressing client issues. If I can see if cleaners aren’t spending enough time on a job site, I can investigate the reasons. With this information I can talk to the crew or client, and ensure our service is always in accordance with the standards expected by us and demanded by the customer. PeopleKey Nexus is a very cost-effective solution. In the short time that we have been using PeopleKey Nexus, I can confidently say that it has paid for itself many times over, financially and in the improved customer service that we are now able to provide.

PeopleKey Nexus has proved to be an extremely valuable tool for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending it to other businesses.

Managing Director
Elect Cleaning

Thompson’s Pies is a family-owned bakery located in Gateshead, New South Wales. We employ around 90 people in a variety of roles including delivery drivers, pastry cooks and office staff.

Before implementing PeopleKey, we used paper-based manual timesheets. Keeping track of the timesheets was time consuming and cumbersome. In 2016, we decided to automate our timesheet and payroll processes. After reviewing a few systems, we selected PeopleKey because the consultants were eager to understand our business and happy to demonstrate how the solution could meet our needs today and as our business grows.

PeopleKey represented great value for money and I am pleased to say it has delivered everything we had been promised. The PeopleKey system paid for itself within 12 months so it made good business sense for us to invest in this.

Since implementing PeopleKey our productivity around time and attendance management has improved. Everything is automated and fully integrated with our MYOB payroll system, we are saving two hours per week on manual timesheet entry.

By implementing PeopleKey, we have improved our workforce tracking. At any time of the day or night, I can see from my smartphone or computer, staff arrival and departure times.

The PeopleKey solution helps us to keep costs down because it accurately records employee start and finish times and ensures that the correct payments are made. We no longer have to worry about paying for time that hasn’t been worked. Supervisors can manage their employees’ overtime and track payments of penalty rates; this helps the supervisors make
informed budget decisions before excessive labour costs are incurred.

We found the online support from PeopleKey to be very responsive. The consultants are knowledgeable and eager to work with us to ensure we get the most from the system.

The PeopleKey system is robust and easy to use. I have recommended it to other business owners and would have no hesitation in recommending it in the future.

General Manager
Thompson’s Pies

Integrity Staffing is the labour-hire company that provided the temporary “non-polling” staff for the official count centre for the recent Western Australia state election. We were pleased when we were awarded this contract, and from previous experience, we knew that we needed to harness technology to ensure the smooth running of the project.

When counting votes, it’s crucial to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We knew we needed to partner with a time and attendance supplier that could provide a robust and cost-effective system to help us manage a large number of workers. We selected PeopleKey because their system is incredibly easy to use, cost-effective and very reliable.

Working with the PeopleKey team was effortless from day one. They took the time to understand our needs and were happy to put together a system that exceeded our requirements rather than forcing us to adapt to what they could offer. The PeopleKey team were able to install the system so that it delivered efficiencies that we didn’t think were possible or hadn’t considered.

The PeopleKey team really understood what we needed and were able to recommend how to structure the system so that we could maximise our efficiencies. We had seven sub-teams of workers and required multiple job rules to be established. The PeopleKey team helped to design the back end so we could report by cost centre and job title; this saved us an enormous amount of time. We were contractually obliged to provide authenticated data for start and finish times with our invoice, and the PeopleKey reporting tool allowed us to quickly and easily comply with this requirement.

We had 1,600 workers registered in our PeopleKey system and 1,000 workers on-site during any one day. Although we staggered start and finish times, it was still imperative that the PeopleKey biometric devices were able to rapidly process workers as they started their shifts. The scanners were so quick and reliable that we didn’t have any instances where workers started their shifts late due to delays getting through the scanners.

Because PeopleKey is a cloud-based system, we didn’t need to purchase costly servers that would need additional resources to manage. The PeopleKey team managed the system from their datacentre, and I am pleased to say we didn’t experience any problems accessing the system. The PeopleKey system was set up for mobile use so that we were able to access the system anywhere, anytime and from any device. As soon as a shift started we could quickly establish who hadn’t arrived and contact them. This real-time data access was vital, and being able to easily monitor such a large number of workers from a mobile device really helped drive efficiency.

The process of registering workers into the PeopleKey system was really efficient and easy. Previous systems we had used weren’t as reliable and frequently dropped out. The PeopleKey system was so easy to use and understand that we had a large number of people trained to perform registrations. This helped things run smoothly when new starters arrived and needed to be registered. Because PeopleKey is a mobile system, our employees were always on hand with a device that could sort out problems and reset forgotten passwords.

The JetStream portion of the PeopleKey system automatically applied shift rules, rounding and break times. The integration from Jetstream to our payroll system automated the payroll process and saved us hours in processing time by eliminating manual data entry. Our usual payroll is 500 employees but we were able to process the additional 1,160 workers without the need to employ extra payroll staff. We had previously thought we would need to process payroll fortnightly and add two additional payroll staff, but the PeopleKey system was so efficient that no extra staff were needed and the process was so efficient that payroll was processed weekly with no additional resources.

We have worked with PeopleKey previously and I was pleased to be able to work with them again. The new cloud-based offering takes the PeopleKey system to a new level while remaining great value for money. The hardware is very reliable and fast, while the software components are intuitive to use, which makes training a breeze. I would have no hesitation recommending PeopleKey to another company; they have everything we look for in a business partner.

Managing Director
Integrity Staffing

Teys was founded by four brothers in 1946, and today we are Australia’s second-largest meat processer and exporter with 12 sites across four states.

In 2014, we were using a variety of systems to track time and attendance. These systems ranged from manual paper-based timesheets through to high-end computerised solutions. We were spending a lot of time on data entry and manual award interpretation. We realised we needed to be more efficient and decided to implement Frontier Software’s Time and Attendance module TA21.

In early 2014, we went to market to review finger scanners that would integrate with the Frontier Software TA21 module. We looked at four suppliers and eventually selected PeopleKey. We were impressed that the hardware was manufactured in Australia, and the quality was evident.

Some of the finger scanners we reviewed didn’t look strong enough for our purposes but the PeopleKey V30 was clearly very sturdy. Some of our locations are in outback Australia where the conditions are harsh with high temperatures and a great deal of dust. We knew we needed robust clocks that would continue to operate despite the relentless temperatures. The PeopleKey finger scanners carry the IP65 rating, which means that they can withstand the levels of heat and dust that our sites experience.

During the implementation of the system, the support from PeopleKey was fantastic and the integration with Frontier was seamless. We have now installed around thirty PeopleKey V30 clocks with coloured interchangeable faceplates. In sites where the finger scanners are attached to turnstiles these provide visual clues to employees: clocks with green covers are used for site entry, and those with red faceplates are used for exit.

Now that members of our payroll team aren’t wasting time on data entry and chasing timesheets, they have more time to monitor and audit our payroll. Their activities are more strategic and less transactional; they even have time to run a critical eye over our data and go back to supervisors to query discrepancies.

Since installing PeopleKey, we have much more efficient payroll and workforce management processes and we have enhanced our access to workforce data. We now view labour costs on a daily basis, which means we have greater control over our costs.

The PeopleKey finger scanners effortlessly manage our blue-collar workforce of around 3,800. We don’t often have problems with the PeopleKey finger scanners, but when we do, the help desk is very responsive and we find the support to be exceptional.

The PeopleKey system has greatly improved our ability to track and manage latecomers. Our production chain doesn’t stop, and when our employees arrive late our schedules can be affected. We now track latecomers as well as identify and deal with patterns of absence or tardiness, which means production is more efficient.

For Teys, the project was about improving efficiency and paying our employees correctly and on time. I am pleased to say we have achieved those objectives. No overtime is missed and the system has delivered the projected return on investment. I have no hesitation in recommending PeopleKey to other organisations.

Group Manager HR Systems & Remuneration
Teys Australia

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