Managing employee absence more effectively

//Managing employee absence more effectively

Managing employee absence more effectively

Effective absence management is a challenge for employers globally today, especially as the workforce continues to evolve and demand flexibility as well as work life balance. Many organisations are looking to technology to help manage this tricky business problem.Time and Attendance solutions represent an ideal solution. When employees are able to apply for leave on-line or communicate their availability for work, then unplanned absence is drastically reduced.

Impact on bottom line performance
Un-planned absences can be costly for employers, often existing employees are required to do overtime to cover the absence. Worse still customer service can be impacted when insufficient resources are available to meet client demand, this can result in lost sales and customers. Not only can productivity be impacted, employee engagement can also suffer as those employees who are required to cover the extra work feel frustrated with the additional workload.

Rostered vs. Actual
Many companies today plan work schedules for employee’s via rosters and process the pays via that roster. The inherent danger is this leads to payments for time that was planned but not actually worked.  PeopleKey biometrics will provide the actuals so that wage payments are based on what actually occurred.

Automated Solutions
In order to harness the productivity benefits provided by Absence Management its advisable to utilise an automated, on-line solution that is integrated with other applications like payroll and scheduling. Most Time and Attendance and Workforce Management solutions do this really well.

Automating absence management is the ideal solution, as it requires minimal human intervention and absences can be tracked in real-time. This provides managers with the visibility they need to make informed decisions regarding staffing. Historical data is also available which delivers the data to track patterns in absence and manage employees with more than acceptable levels of absence.

Communication is key
The first step for organisation wanting to manage absence more effectively is introducing leave management policy and if these are in place ensuring all employees understand the policy with effective training and communication. Once everyone understands the policy these are automatically enforced by the system which ensures they are applied consistently and fairly.

Productivity enablement can be a game changer for most businesses. and it’s no surprise that unplanned absences can impact employee productivity. More effectively managing absence can have an impact of profitability and productivity as well as customer service. It’s well worth the investment and usually pays for itself within months.

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