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PeopleKey Nexus
Manage Time and Attendance Data Anywhere, Anytime From Any Device


The freedom to manage employee attendance anywhere & anytime

PeopleKey Nexus provides efficiency savings to busy managers, it delivers the vital information they need to manage a growing workforce, from any internet enabled device. In the car, between meetings or even interstate, the control and visibility managers crave is now at their fingertips.

What is PeopleKey Nexus

Peoplekey Nexus is a next generation tool that removes the complexity of Workforce Management. It’s designed to streamline processes and increase visibility across any business.

It’s a powerful solution with three main functions. Firstly it captures employee start and finish times and stores that information in the cloud.

Once the information is captured, registered users can access the system from any internet enabled device (phone, tablet or computer). Visibility is increased as management is able to view clockings from any location. Literally at their fingertips, they can see; who’s on site, who hasn’t arrived and where there are holes in shift allocations.

Lastly, the intuitive Time and Attendance component integrates with most payroll systems to eliminate the need for manual keying. The powerful award interpretation module interprets hours worked and automatically calculates wages and costly errors are removed from the payroll process.

The secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) protects this sensitive data from intrusion or theft. Being a Software as a Service (SaaS) application customers access the system for a small monthly fee.

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Scanner Control

Fingerprint scanners are managed by the Fingerlan component of Peoplekey Nexus. Every time someone logs in or out of the system a copy of the transaction is stored in the cloud database. From one central location, the system can manage hundreds of fingerprint scanners across multiple sites and locations. The data is immediately available and can be viewed from any internet enabled device.


Enhanced Visibility

Improve workforce visibility with the Peoplekey Nexus reporting tool. The system delivers real-time reporting of your employees whereabouts based on the date, time, location, user and type of transaction. Reporting is intuitive and ensures identification of transactions is effortless. Flexible data-filtering options make it easy to find the information you need, by date, employee, scanner and location.


Time and Attendance

Managing employee attendance has been simplified with Peoplekey Nexus. The Time and Attendance component of the solution is stored on-premise and tightly integrated with all aspects of the solution. The payroll process is simplified and more efficient. The compliance burden is removed. The system has been designed for Australian and New Zealand payroll conditions, some of the most complex globally.


Security is Paramount

PeopleKey Nexus is underpinned by the potent Microsoft Azure platform. The need to manage IT infrastructure has been removed which allows customers to focus on workforce management rather than dealing with network issues.

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Internet Access

Access the information needed for informed decision making from any internet enabled device. That includes Smart-phones, Tablets and Computers.

Security Privileges

User access rights are managed by Nexus, which allows administrators to control access privileges for every element of the system.

Biometric Control

Peoplekey Nexus manages user credentials. Expiry dates can be added to ease the admin burden. Security is linked to the user which controls which scanners and physical locations employees can access or record information.

Biometric Clocking

PeopleKey’s biometric fingerprint scanners deliver speed and accuracy. Secure with encrypted communication over the internet to Nexus and the seamless recovery of transactions should the scanner lose internet connection.


High-performance reporting in Peoplekey Nexus allows events to be viewed as they occur. Know who’s on-site and who hasn’t arrived. Powerful filtering and configuraiton options make it easy to find the information you need. Data can be exported to a CSV or PDF file.

Mobile Clocking

PeopleKey Nexus converts any smartphone into a clocking device using GPS Location tracking services. Staff that are on the road can now clock-on/off without returning to the workplace, this provides increased efficiency and enhanced visibility for management.

Why Choose PeopleKey Nexus

  • Information is available when you need it, managers no longer need to be at their desk to see who’s on-site
  • Smartphones transform into mobile clocking solutions using Peoplekey Nexus’s innovative GPS location tracking services
  • Employee start and finish times are automatically sent to payroll and the need for re-keying of timesheets is eliminated
  • Payment rules manage overtime payments while shift rules allocate rounding and break rules
  • Flexible rostering to allocate staff work times
  • Query and report on time and attendance data in real-time
  • Real-time attendance views
  • Advanced filtering ensures that you can effortlessly find the information you need
  • Report by date, time, location, user or type of transaction

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