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Scalable and innovative solutions that deliver a real and measurable return on your investment.

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Australian made solutions for your Time and Attendance
and Access Management Needs!

Biometric Devices

(V30, V30 Plus)

Intuitive and hardworking fingerprint scanners designed to suit a variety of applications. From physical access control, to time and attendance and even point of sale, our fingerprint readers deliver effortless operation and optimal efficiency and security.

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Device Management & Access Control?


PeopleKey’s FingerLan solution is a powerful tool for managing one or hundreds of fingerprint scanners across a network. The fingerprint scanners can be in a single location or spread across multiple geographical locations.

From one central location, FingerLan gives you the power to control access to any door protected by a Peoplekey fingerprint scanner. The site access information for all locations is stored in a single database, providing administrators with a comprehensive view of access activity across the entire site.

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Real-Time Reporting

Workforce Clarity

To make informed decisions about your workforce, you need real-time access to detailed attendance data. Workforce Clarity provides that by allowing you to filter information based on date, time, location or transaction type, delivering the information you need, when you need it.

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Time & Attendance Software with Payroll Integration


Streamline your attendance management and payroll processing with JetStream, PeopleKey’s powerful time and attendance solution. A scalable application that’s surprisingly powerful and affordable, JetStream is designed for organisations that need to control labour costs and improve workforce visibility. JetStream is designed for Australian payroll conditions and has a nimble award interpreter that will save time and eliminate costly errors by removing manual calculations from your payroll process.

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Integration with Payroll & HR Management