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Industry Solutions
Peoplekey’s biometric access control and attendance solutions will exceed your expectations.

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Your business is unique, and we understand that your needs are too…

Regardless of the industry sector you operate in, PeopleKey have a biometric access control or time and attendance solution to meet your needs. Our systems are in use globally across a broad section of industries, and we’re confident you’ll find our solutions reliable, scalable and customisable to your needs.

Save time and enhance visibility

PeopleKey delivers the tools you need to manage attendance and access control with minimal human intervention.


Managing a workforce in hospitality can be challenging.With fluctuating demand and large numbers of casuals with varying award rules, managing staff can be time consuming and error prone. PeopleKey automates time and attendance monitoring and eases the administrative burden.


Tracking student attendance with outdated paper-based systems is time consuming and error prone. PeopleKey Student Access Solutions provide the enhanced visibility that teachers and parents crave. Advanced reporting delivers attendance information in real-time.

Labour Hire

We understand that labour hire companies require mobile solutions that are easy to use for a large contingent workforce. These companies require attendance solutions that make it effortless to register new employees and that can accurately track time spent on individual projects for costing.


Managing workers on a construction site can be costly and error prone without the right systems in place. PeopleKey makes it easy to track attendance by providing hardwearing, portable clocking solutions use mobile GSM networks and can be effortlessly moved between job sites.

Contract Services

Contract services companies usually track large numbers of employees across multiple sites. PeopleKey provides a robust multi-site, mobile GSM network-enabled solution to schedule staff and track employee attendance. Providing managers with real-time information regarding who has arrived and who hasn’t is crucial.

Care Services

Having the right people in the right places with the right skills is critical in care services. PeopleKey provides a scalable and flexible solution to manage time and attendance. By being integrated with many of the leading care systems, PeopleKey leads the industry in reliable, affordable and robust clocking solutions.


Managing costs is vital for most manufacturers. PeopleKey provides reliable solutions to track hours worked and manage overtime. The powerful award interpreter calculates wage rates accurately, eliminating errors and overpayments and can be integrated with your payroll system.

Warehouse & Logistics

Security is paramount for warehouse and logistics companies, which require robust and reliable access control systems that can integrate with existing security solutions. The PeopleKey access control solutions integrate with most security systems and can control access by day and time for every employee.


Having the right number of staff on hand to service customer demand is crucial for retailers. PeopleKey provides the tools for building effective rosters and ensuring that you have the right people in the right place at the right time. Tracking attendance is important to eliminate time fraud.


Ensuring that employees arrive on time is important in the transport industry because every second counts. PeopleKey tracks start and finish times as well as breaks. The system will allow¬†managers to identify when¬†staff don’t arrive, allowing them to make alternative arrangements.


Hotels and lodging providers are faced with the duel challenge of controlling labor costs while delivering exceptional guest services. PeopleKey automates time and attendance monitoring and eases the administrative burden, helping you to manage your entire workforce – salaried, waged, full or part-time, and casual.


Managing a workforce in Aviation can be challenging. With fluctuating schedules and complex award rules, managing staff remuneration can be time consuming and error prone. PeopleKey automates time and attendance monitoring, while providing flexible scheduling and advanced award interpreting, easing the administrative burden.

Benefits at a Glance…

  • Eliminate time fraud associated with shared PINs or swipe cards
  • Track time worked against job codes
  • Flexible Rostering to allocate staff work times
  • Remove the administrative burden
  • Track hours worked and eliminate overpayments
  • Record paid and unpaid breaks
  • Powerful shift rules to manage overtime payments
  • Automated payroll processing withtight payroll system integration

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