Device Management and Access Control Software

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Fingerlan –┬áDevice Management and Access Control

Device Management and Access Control Software

The ultimate tool for security and workforce visibility

FingerLan is a central component of the PeopleKey solution.It effortlessly controls multiple fingerprint scanners across a wired or wireless network. Every time someone logs in or out using a Peoplekey fingerprint scanner, FingerLan stores a copy of the transaction in a central database. The FingerLan database is accessed by PeopleKey’s JetStream Time and Attendance software and the Workforce Clarity reporting tool.

From one central location, FingerLan can control hundreds of fingerprint scanners across multiple sites and geographic locations. The data captured is available in real-time, providing administrators with superior workforce visibility.

As well as maintaining a complete transaction history, FingerLan also provides access control. It’s possible to restrict access to specific times of the day, days of the week, individual employees or groups of employees.

The ultimate tool for access control and attendance management

FingerLan is a powerful tool that delivers a scalable and intuitive access
control solution at an affordable price.

Security Privileges

Security Privileges

User access rights are managed by FingerLan, and up to four levels of user authority privileges can be established to ensure that all users have appropriate access.

Fingerprint Storage

Finger Template Storage

User’s finger templates are stored as a numeric value in the FingerLan database. Fingerprint images are not stored anywhere in the system.

Secure Access Control

Secure Access Control

Control the day and time individuals can access the building or particular areas managed by PeopleKey devices. Access control can be managed individually or via groups.

Automatic expiration

Automatic expiration

Users can be created and set to expire in a period of time.This simplifies administrative processes when contractors are employed.

Offline Usage

Offline Usage

User data is stored on both the FingerLan database and the individual scanners to ensure usability when networks are down.

Ease of Use

Ease of use

FingerLan was designed with the user in mind.Navigation is intuitive and user setup can be completed in around 3 seconds.


  • Control physical access by time of day or day of the week
  • Ability to control 1000’s of Finger scanners from one system
  • Automated auditing and transaction recovery
  • Ethernet communication over Ethernet, wireless or3G internet connections
  • Seamless integration with a wide variety of payroll and time and attendance applications
  • Sophisticated configuration for high security areas
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Up to 30 configurable time zones to limit user access

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