At PeopleKey we are passionate about biometrics. We believe biometrics is the best way to authenticate personal credentials. Our finger scanning technology leads the market in reliability, privacy, ease of use, and value.

Studies indicate that the average company overpays wages by 2-6% annually. Automated Time & Attendance systems are convenient to use and prevent organisations from overpaying.
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Having trouble controlling who goes where, and when, in your facilities? Tired of your employees losing swipe cards and keys, lending them to others or simply forgetting them at home? If this sounds familiar then it’s time you considered upgrading to a biometric access control system.Learn More
Student attendance is a growing concern. What if there were a way to monitor student attendance across you campus and make the attendance data available in real time through a central database? PeopleKey has the answer.
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PeopleKey is an industry leader in terms of both innovation and value. We manufacture our own biometric scanners, develop our software in-house, and provide remarkable support to our partners and customers. Our commitment to customer service is a major reason why so many government and commercial organisations look to PeopleKey for their biometric technology needs.

What Client’s Say

“For many months now we have used PeopleKey for our timesheet recording of employee start and finishing times including breaks. We now have five units installed in our company and we would be lost without them.

It’s not just the performance of the units that’s important. It’s also the employees that I come into contact with that make the difference.

PeopleKey have always been there for us and there has never been a time when you’ve been unable to fix a problem or issue. We really appreciate the help and support you have given us. In particular, I could not be any happier with the result of the outage in Melbourne which was realised yesterday and in less than 24 hours, you have replaced the unit and configured it to be operational. For me, that’s amazing service!!!

Thank you and we look forward to additional units being installed as the expand our operations. Well done!”

John Joyce, Business and Human Resource Manager, Tempe Tyre and Wheel Centre
“Going from paper recording to a clock system was a big change for us and our staff. We liked the “no fuss” installation process and the training we received and after a week of overlapping with the old system we switched over with confidence which has proven to be justified. Our business is concrete precasting and it is a dirty environment and the staff have dirty fingers but so far we have had no misreads and no delays in clocking out, that’s when a queue could have formed. We like the ability to note who’s on board for the day and we have noticed improvements in the staff’s arrival times.”
Mike Smith, Operations Manager, North-Vic Constructions

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